A carport is a cost-effective way to protect your car and valuables from the negative effects of weather exposure. Redom SA custom build carports that can integrate with your current home style. The seamless transition between your carport and property adds the overall aesthetics of your home. A range of styles and roof materials are available for you to choose from including:

– Flat roof
– Gable roof
– Timber
– Tiled
– Colorbond

Whichever design specifications suit your preference, our professional Adelaide carport builders are able to design the right solution to complement your existing structure.

The best thing about a carport is the way it can be seamlessly added to your existing home. Our years of experience in the carpentry and building industry allows us to understand exactly how to match a cost-effective carport to your home. Whether you are looking for something simple to protect your vehicles, or a peaked roof design that adds to the curb appeal of your home, we have the solutions.

Redom SA has over 25 years of experience backing our workmanship and design. Experts in all outdoor carpentry construction, we are able to create a structurally sound design that offers your items protection from the elements. We utilise our skills in pergola building to create amazing designs and structures that match your home and your preferences for style and colour. Our skills extend to roofing. We are able to add appropriate roofing to your carport and offer you the chance to enjoy a carport that is not only functional but also beautiful in design.

We also offer comprehensive decking services. Why not pair your new carport with a stunning front deck? You can add to the value of your home with some exciting carpentry choices. Call our carport builders in Adelaide on 04 1244 5765.